Thank you for stopping by my site. I try and make things here easy to follow and understand but what is easy to understand for me is not always understood by others & vice versa.

So here is my growing list of questions I receive from visitors and Customers.

Please review these to see if your question is already answered here. If your question is not addressed here then feel free to ask me your question in either the comments section at the bottom of the page and/or use the Contact Us form in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

First off, there are a couple of items that I need to mention. The videos and most everything you will download from any of my sites come to you in a compressed or ‘dot’ zip file. In order for you to access the contents of these zipped files you need to use a zip program to un-zip or un-compress the files first. You probably already have one installed on your computer as part of your operating system but if not, here is one I suggest – and it is FREE!
You can download a free copy here.
(It is called 7-zip)

Another item I consider as obvious but a few people may not be aware of, is that video files are usually very large in size.

If you are on a dial-up internet connection or a metered or slow internet connection then be forewarned that video files may take a long time to download. This is one reason why I suggest using a download manager of some kind. I recommend one and have a operations video for it close to the bottom of this page – check it out if you do not already have and use a download manager.

1. For the PLR packages, what formats are the videos in?
All the PLR packages come with at least a Flash (MP4) format & a Source (MP4 or AVI and / or Camproj) format. However, most come with those PLUS MOV & WMV. If there is a format you need and it is not included, please contact me to see if it can be included at zero cost.

2. After I download the files, how do I watch the videos on my computer?

The video files labeled mp4 can be played with your computers default media player when you open the mp4 file located in the video folder.

All the other web-ready video formats require some type of video player to play them on your computer.
Players like Realplayer, Quicktime Player or VLC just to name a few of the better freebies.

Somewhere in the upper left corner of these players you’ll find something that says File. Click on that menu option and then you should see something like open file or open media. Click on that then navigate to the video file you want to open and play.

In RealPlayer there is an icon in the upper left corner that says Realplayer with a drop-down arrow – click on that to expose the ‘File’ option.

The video files labeled ‘custcam’ are for editing only and require the Camtasia Studio program to edit them.

3. What software do you need to edit and brand the PLR videos?
I use Camtasia Studio but there are several possible programs you can use. A few are free but the more robust programs will cost you some money. Try a Google search for video editing software. I sell a PLR video series detailing how to edit videos as well as eBooks. It is called Your PLR Makeover.

For current owners of any of the White Label PLR Videos, there is a bonus video in your Members Dashboard on the right – under the Resources Tab, that detail several ways to edit & repurpose the videos AND transcripts that come with each volume.

For basic edits like adding a watermark or opening and closing screens, you have several free options to work with.

For example, imovie for the mac and windows movie maker for the pc are just a couple great choices for your basic edits.

4. How long should it take for me to edit the videos?

For the total novice, you might want to carve out about an hour to do a basic edit of adding your watermark and or adding your custom splash screens – the opening and closing images.

This allows for learning the ropes of the program you are using but as you do more edits you will learn more time-saving tricks and shortcuts until you can knock them out in around 5 minutes.

For the more elaborate edits like replacing the audio with a new voiceover, or adding your own call-outs or splicing together several videos to make one large one with menus.., then naturally you’ll want to allow for more time.

5. Do I host the videos or do my Customers get the videos from your server?
The videos are hosted on your server.

Once you make your purchase, download your products as soon as possible. Once you have edited and / or branded your videos, you then upload to your server and provide the links to your Customers to download and / or stream, whatever your choice of delivery is.

6. What format should I provide to my Customers, AVI, WMV, Flash or what?
You are only allowed to provide the Flash formats to your Customers. Whether it is MP4, FLV or any other Flash format you choose. You Cannot Pass Any Source Files – Video Or Otherwise – To Your Customers. This is a violation of the license terms.

7. Do I need a Flash application to watch?
An up to date version of Flash is required to view the flash videos. You can download it for free here: DOWNLOAD FLASH HERE

8. When I try to edit the AVI but I cannot see the video but I can hear it?
This is because you are missing a codec. Either the tscc codec from Techsmith or the ffdshow-tryout codec.

Click Here To See A Short Video Explanation

Here is a short 3 minute video showing you the install process and what NOT to do


Here are their website addresses if you would rather get them there or
learn more about them;

ffdshow website

9. What are the suggested minimum system requirements to watch the videos?
For the best experience, we recommend at minimum:
PC: Win98/P4 1.5Ghz CPU/128MB ram/32MB Video card
MAC: Apple Mac G4 running OSX 10.2.8, 1.5Ghz CPU, 256MB Ram

10. Can I resell or give away the products I download from this site?
Every product you download comes with certain rights that are spelled out in the product license. You can see the license terms on the sales page just above the Buy Now button close to the bottom of the page.

11. Do you mention who you are or your web sites in these White Label videos?
No! All my White Label videos are just that – White Label – meaning you receive videos with generic sites and throwaway email addresses being used. When I’m demonstrating things that require web site design or signing up for a service like Twitter or Facebook, I use fake names and register fake accounts. Not everyone in the PLR video industry does this but in my opinion it is not true PLR if they don’t.

12. Do you provide transcripts to the PLR videos ?

13.Are the White Label videos Power Point slides or ‘Look-Over-My-Shoulder’ style screen capture videos?
Most all are Screen capture videos where I show you exactly what I’m doing as I tell you, but there are a few Power Point slides.

14. Can I replace the voice on the videos with my own or someone elses?

15. Is there a faster way for me to download all the items you provide in your download pages?
Yes. I have made a short video showing you how to use a Download Manager that will help in speeding up your downloads and help keep them organized.


I can’t see my question answered here. Can you please help?
Of course. please email me via the Contact Us form in the top navigation bar.

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